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Crack a pint, take a load off and enjoy the good life.

A NEW brewery located in Muskoka Lakes that produces the freshest, naturally crafted beer year-round for its locals and seasonal visitors alike. Located in the heart of cottage country it will become a new traditional stop on your trip to the cottage. Clear Lake Brewing Co. is brewed with pride and intended to be shared for those special reunions with old friends, family, around the bonfire or just kicking back and relaxing on the dock amidst the tranquil beauty of rugged Muskoka.

Cold Beer Sold Here

Cold Beer Sold Here

Drop by our bottle shop for cold, fresh beer available in cans, stubbies and growlers. You can choose from our featured styles as well as our seasonal offerings.


Open 11AM – 11PM DAILY.


Great Food

Be sure to stop by our restaurant and try some of our specialties, the burger is AMAZING.

Upcoming Events & Entertainment

Events & Entertainment

The brewery will have live entertainment regularly from full bands to acoustic sessions and even the odd violin and piano.


We also have a regular schedule of events we’ll be attending throughout the year.

Our Beer

Cran Radler - Clear Lake Brewing Co.

Clear Lake Cran Radler

Originally brewed with a blend of beer and fruit juice, Radler, German for cyclist, was a popular, low alcohol thirst quencher enjoyed by recreational cyclists in the 19th century. Clear Lake Cran Radler is refreshing Muskoka style Radler, and totally satisfying, with the subtle tartness of locally-sourced  cranberries complimenting a hint of blood orange.  It’s perfect for those long summer afternoons.

Clear Lake Session Ale

More refreshing than a cannonball off the cottage dock. Clear Lake Session Ale is our nod to everything Muskoka: tradition, family, friendships, bonfires and BBQs. Clear Lake Session Ale pours a perfect, thirst quenching  golden Session Ale.

American IPA - Clear Lake Brewing Co.

Clear Lake American IPA

Brewed in the “American” tradition, the unfiltered Clear Lake IPA embraces a nice Munich-style balance of malt, with El Dorado hops imparting bold tropical fruit flavours of pineapple and mango. On the nose, experience hints of pear, watermelon, stone fruits and even candy.

We offer an ongoing selection of seasonal styles such as our Dark Sky Porter, Autumn Ale, Pilsner and Honey Cream Ale to name a few.

Crack a pint, take a load off and enjoy the good life.

What’s cooking.

  • Clear Lake Burger

    Hickory Smoked Ground Chuck / Mayo / Lettuce / Tomato / Bermuda Onion / Deli Pickles / Sharp White Cheddar / Bacon Strips on a Brioche Bun

  • Kronos Burger

    Seasoned Lamb & Ground Chuck / Lettuce / Feta Cheese / Cucumber / Shaved Red Onion / Tzatziki on a Brioche Bun

  • Pulled Pork Sammy

    Smokey Pulled Pork / Tangy BBQ Sauce / Dill Slaw / Lettuce / Tomato / American Cheddar / Shot of Buttermilk Ranch on a Brioche Bun

  • Grilled Reuben Panini

    Corned Beef / Sauerkraut / Grainy Mustard / Swiss Cheese / Thousand Island Dressing

  • Grilled 4 – Cheese & Bacon

    American Cheddar / Sharp White Cheddar / Monterey Jack / Swiss Cheese / Hickory Bacon

  • Grilled Mediterranean Veggie Wrap

    Savory Ratatouille / Herbed Cream Cheese / Heritage Greens / Diced Tomato / Balsamic Dressing

  • Grilled Hickory Smoked Chicken Wrap

    Smoked Chicken / Ratatouille / Heritage Greens / Cucumber / Tomato / Shredded Monterey Jack & American Cheddar / Bacon / Shot of Chipotle Mayo

  • Chicken Caeser Wrap

    Smoked Chicken / Caeser Salad / House Made Smoke Paprika Croutons / Bacon


All served with Cajun Potato Chips & Grainy Mustard Coleslaw


Take out available 705-762-0234

Open 7 Days a week

At the Clear Lake Brewing Co. we have a fantastic store for all our branded paraphernalia. There’s tee’s, hoodies, glassware and “old school” coolers to list a few – if we can put our logo on it it’s likely there. Looking for the perfect gift for the craft beer enthusiast on your life, look no further.

Clear Lake Brewing Co. Hats
Clear Lake Brewing Co. Glassware and Bottle Openers
Clear Lake Brewing Co. Retro Cooler and Backpack Cooler

Coming Soon – Our online store will be launching here soon so you don’t have to make the trek to Muskoka, we’ll send it right to your door.

What’s in store?

Clear Lake Brewing Co. has a fantastic retail shop to purchase out branded

What’s Happening

Clear Lake Presents The Practically Hip

Canada’s Number One Hip Tribute Band.


The Practically Hip, Canada’s number one Hip Tribute Band will be performing live at Clear Lake Village Resort.


Friday August 16 at 7PM

Get in Touch or Just Stop by

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